Kitchens remain the most common room in a home to remodel, and knowing what you want before you hire a contractor can be extremely beneficial. We’ve compiled a helpful list of tips for the early-stage planning of your home renovation.

Set a Budget

When considering the budget for your kitchen remodel, be realistic in setting your expectations. While we provide thorough cost estimates, there are sometimes unknown factors that can increase your bottom line. Give yourself a cushion to account for unexpected expenses.

Research, Research, Research

From appliances to counter tops, the internet provides ample opportunity to compare your options. Always aim for the highest-quality materials you can afford, and be sure to consider the long-term cost impacts of additional appliances. Visiting kitchen showrooms can be very helpful and attending home tours can be source of inspiration and information.

Consider Your Space & Plan the Layout

Counters, appliances, and walkways are all importance things to consider when planning your kitchen remodel. Your contractor will be aware of issues of safety, it’s up to you to consider your kitchen’s layout from a convenience standpoint. As one of the most-used rooms in your entire home, your kitchen needs to be both functional and enjoyable. Consider how many people utilize your kitchen space and plan accordingly.

Find a Contractor

Once you know what you want, find a licensed and insured contractor that you trust, then invite your contractor into your home to discuss all of your wants and needs list for your project. We provide references and free estimates, and we’d be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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