A full kitchen remodel is a large project that includes careful planning, scoping out ideas, and gathering samples. There are several important points to consider when determining whether or not this is a project that you’re ready to take on. Budgeting concerns, your existing layout, and wants vs. needs when it comes to the finishing touches all deserve your careful consideration. Proper planning on the front end of your project can save you loads of turmoil down the road.


When looking at the cost of your project, it’s important to remember that a new kitchen is a major expense. Before contacting a contractor, it’s helpful to look at your financing options and determine what budget is comfortable for you. A knowledgeable and honest contractor will help you understand where you can save money by evaluating your upgrades and specific requests.

Existing Layout

Sticking to your kitchen’s current layout can help save money. Leaving the major systems like electricity, plumbing, and gas in place means that your appliances and kitchen sink will also likely need to stay in their existing location. You can, however, move cabinets to maximize your existing space.


Appliances are a major expense and should be carefully considered when planning your overall kitchen remodel design. Style, features, energy efficiency, and overall functionality should be factored into your decision making process based on your family’s lifestyle. Our kitchen designers can work up a plan based on your requests and existing layout.


Don’t let lighting be an after thought when planning your new kitchen space. It’s important to understand the four layers of light, which include task, accent, decorative, and ambient. Incorporating four layers of light will give depth and functionality to your kitchen. Dimmer switches on your kitchen lighting will give you the ability to control the ambience throughout the day.

Our home remodeling experts have the experience and honesty needed to complete your project on time and under budget. We provide free consultations, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for your kitchen remodel at (863) 899-8039 today.

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