Hurricane Dorian gave central Florida quite a scare. And while it wasn’t as destructive for our community as we thought it might be, hurricane preparedness is still an important consideration this time of year. Here are a few ways you can protect your home and your family during hurricane season.

Safety First – Know Your Evacuation Routes

If the order comes from state or local officials to evacuate, evacuate. Your home is your largest investment, but it can be rebuilt. The Florida Division of Emergency Management has a helpful guide here.

Review Your Insurance Policy

With home building costs rising each year, take time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure it gives you the coverage you would need if you would have to rebuild.

Inventory Your Property

Several mobile apps are available to help you create and document an inventory of your current possessions. This extra time before the storm can save you tons of time and money down the road.

Seal and Secure Your Roof

Your roof represents the largest water damage threat, so make sure your shingles or roof tiles are all intact. If you’re thinking of re-roofing your home, give yourself room in your budget to seal the roof deck. Florida requires builders to secure roofs using metal braces, but if your home doesn’t have them, reach out for a quote to add these.

Secure Porches and Carports

Make sure your porches and carports are attached properly and firmly secured to the ground. Make sure your beams are stable and intact, and check your anchors for corrosion or damage. Replace all weak or damaged posts and anchors as needed.

Seal Doors, Windows, and Holes

Check the seals on your doors and windows, which can be damaged by heat over time creating an entry for blowing rain. Holes from internet, TV, or phone cables can be sealed with caulk.

Clear Your Yard

Any items that can be picked up by wind gusts – grills, furniture, and debris – should be removed, stored indoors, or properly secured. Trim weak or falling branches and limbs from any trees and secure any loose fencing.

Close Inside Doors During the Storm

Closing interior doors helps compartmentalize the inside pressure, reducing the force on the roof by as much as 30%, giving the roof a better chance of staying intact.

These Florida home hurricane preparedness tips will not only save you money, they’ll help to keep your family safe. If you’re interested in our services, click here to contact us today.

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