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Our Commitment to You as a Full Service Construction Company

At IHS Building Corporation we believe in providing you with the best customer service experience possible. We do this by being intentional in our communication with you throughout the planning and building process. We listen to your ideas, dreams, thoughts, questions, and concerns. When you have an idea, we will research it and find out how to accomplish it. When you have a question, we will give you a straight-forward and honest answer. When you have a concern, we will address it accordingly keeping you and your family in mind.

We are a full service construction company that will handle all the little details of a project so you don’t have to.

Our professional management team keeps your satisfaction as our top priority. We could build the best home or do the greatest remodel central Florida has ever seen, but if we treat our clients poorly we have failed. Ask us for a list of our past clients – they’d be happy to discuss their experience with you.

Full Service Construction Company